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"The S2S scholarship was a constant reminder that someone at home was invested in me and rooting for my success."

-Kimesha Branch, S2S Alum

A request from Kimesha Branch

Hi! My name is Kimesha Branch and I am a Springboard to Success(S2S) program participant and a four-time S2S scholarship recipient.


Today, I am writing to you to share the impact S2S has had on my life and to ask you to make a financial investment.


I grew up a Chicago Housing Authority resident on Chicago’s near north side. I went to Chicago Bulls College Prep for high school and even though education was always important to me (in fact graduated as high school valedictorian) I wasn’t sure how I would get to and through college financially.


As a first-generation college student, I didn’t have parents who could share their knowledge about the college application process. S2S’s college counselors helped me figure out where I wanted to go and how I would get there financially. Their scholarship program made it possible for me to go to my dream school, a “Hidden Ivy,” Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. Oh my gosh, it was scary to leave Chicago for the first time. Attending college was my first time I was away from my family and community, but it helped me build confidence and determination.


The S2S scholarship was a constant reminder that someone at home was invested in me and rooting for my success.


And, because I had more financial freedom, I was able to complete a study abroad program to South Africa where I built my problem-solving skills, tenacity and gave me a global perspective. I was able land a great college internship where I was able to use all my hard-earned skills.

After graduating with my dual bachelor’s in economics and bioengineering.  I landed a job using both degrees as a financial analyst for Aetna.


I’m grateful for S2S and even more grateful to the community of donors who make it all possible. Please give a gift today to become the cheering section for another kid living in public housing on their college journey.



Kimesha Branch

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