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Covid-19 Relief: Special Appeal

Dear Friends,

As we begin to develop an understanding of the community impact of Covid-19, patterns are beginning to emerge with the students you support. The Chicago Housing Authority’s (CHA) Education Program Specialists are calling CHA college students including our S2S Scholarship recipients and individually assessing their need for support. Here is what we have learned:

CHA college students had to quickly depart from their universities. They left behind jobs, dorm room possessions and readily accessible on-site computer labs and tech resources. Some students had to pay to store their items, while others were faced with abandoning what they couldn’t travel home with like furniture, clothing, etc. Expensive emergency plane and train tickets were purchased in order to return to Chicago. Additionally, at this moment, we have 11 students attempting to write papers and complete coursework on their cell phones.

The Covid-19 pandemic puts CHA college students in a precarious position, and we want to ensure they successfully complete the semester. The goal of S2S is to support CHA youth with college persistence because we know education is a proven pathway out of poverty. The CHA Education Program Specialists asked what S2S scholars needed to stay enrolled and you can provide for those needs by making a gift today.

The Covid-19 pandemic is an opportunity to do good in your community and change the immediate circumstances for someone in a vulnerable group. We hope you will give today in support of this emergency fund, and tech resources for CHA college students.  

Thank you for being part of our community of supporters! 


Amanda DeWitt

Major Gift Officer, S2S

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